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Welcome to my world of painterly layered images.

Artist's Statement on the Layered Image

           The layered image is not an attempt to record as a traditional photograph captures a moment in time, but to encourage viewers to look beyond the obvious, to interpret and to react to the image on multiple levels.  My work is a meditation, whether I am creating a photograph or a surreal painting.  I use my art as a visual form of communication, and I am most inspired by irony in life, finding sorrow in beauty and joy in tragedy.

                                                                                   - Katherine Criss




Two of Francis Criss' 1934 paintings, Morning in Florence and Sculptor - Why the Line? 

were auctioned at Christies in March 2011. For details contact byoung@christies.com


         Francis Criss contributed to the development of art in America mastering many styles over more then sixty years. His well known paintings, created in the 1930’s while working independently in the New York art community, were modern and precisionist.  During World War II he created many paintings that were used as illustrations for books, posters and advertisements in order to support his growing family. But by 1950 he decided to follow his own creative instincts and to teach art, which produced a series of collages and prismatic paintings.

Mural Projects by Katherine
Katherine Criss’s work
Francis Criss - Art & Photos

Talk with Katherine Criss on February 12
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