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Artist's Statement

      My work is a meditation.  I use the layered image to encourage viewers to look beyond the obvious, to interpret and to react to the image on multiple levels, whether I am creating a photograph or a surreal painting.  I use my art as a visual form of communication, and I am most inspired by irony in life, finding sorrow in beauty and joy in tragedy. 

      A lifetime of art and thirty years of organizing creative art events have led me to understand the importance of communicating artists’ ideas.  For example I started a forum that allows artists to explore Julia Cameron's "Artist's Way" books and to share their creative glee and challenges in a supportive environment. The Artists Circle meets weekly at b.j.spoke gallery in Huntington. 

                  I hope you enjoy my work and will return to the site often. 

- Katherine Criss


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Solo Exhibit - June 2-28, 2015
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