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Mural Projects

3-Step Mural in proposed position on site in Riverhead, Long Island, NY

3-Step Mural on wall. <p>The mural is a montage of three images with three distinct ideas which depict Hope and Opportunity, Puzzling Teamwork and Flourishing Community. My challenge as one of 2016 JumpstART artist’s, was to create a mural that supports residents, businesses and government. I know that art reflects the vitality of its community, and I am an artist who loves to share art with everyone. East End Arts has given me chance to do what I had been thinking of doing for a long time. That was to create a piece of public art, a mural. This mural is meant to encourage viewers to stay the course to building a flourishing community, just as marathon runners are energized along their way by cheering supporters. It will remind business and government teams that they are not alone on the path to renewal. Their shared goals are in sight, and their combined efforts are workin.</p>
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Mural Projects
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Solo Exhibit - June 2-28, 2015
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